Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na...Batman and Super Emotions

I live in the land of superheroes. Boys who love Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, Superman, and many other supermen with super powers and super everything. It suits my oldest just fine. The boy who needs to rev everything up. Everything is done on overdrive.

If you are going to get angry remember to growl and scowl at your tormenters, scream as if you were being chased down by a pack of wolves, kick walls, slam doors, and throw the random object/objects for effect because YOUR ANGRY.

And if you happen to be happy, screech with delight, brighten those blues, smile so hard it looks like you have large jaw breakers in each cheek and keep it there as you literally bounce from one corner to the next to find new people you can share your happiness with.

Ooooh the sadness, a few days ago you proclaimed what a bad mommy I was for not rushing immediately to your aide when you fell on your knees for the billionth time. Tears streaming you proclaimed, "OoooooooooH Mommmmmmmy. You don't take care of me very well." Ooooh the drama, and OUCH--your comment hurt. But as always you were fine, and you got your hug even though it was two seconds too slow for you.

Lets not forget Love. This you take to the extreme as well. Noodle arm hugs around my neck that I am sure will break my windpipe or at least suffocate me slowly. Kisses that leave imprints on my cheeks for days and I swear will one day relocate my teeth.

And I worry about your brother, who is often a victim of all your super emotions. The little Bee who worries about you and loves you back with the same intensity you do, but is often toppled by your raging emotions of anger, jealousy, and love. The Bee who wants to be just like you down to the article of clothing you're wearing and your love for any and all superheroes. "I wanna wear Batman, too!" he protests and so he does.

Sooo many emotions taken to sooo many extremes--these are but a few. The boy with the super emotions. I love you. You're a passionate little boy, and I hope one day you grow up to be a passionate man. A passionate man who has his emotions under control of course. The world will never be ready for the destruction that may come from an out of control, emotional grown man like yourself.


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