Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mama said No.

My mom once said that it is best never to write things down on paper that you might not want someone to find one day. I learned that lesson when I was twelve, when my mom found a note that wasn't quite appropriate for a twelve year old girl who was sending it to a boy. Definitely not something you ever want your overprotective, Mexican mother to discover, and it was definitely not something you wanted translated by someone who new little English, and even less about growing up in American culture.

But, nonetheless, here I am writing a note. Not only a note that can be seen by people I might not necessarily want reading, but an electronic note that can be sent almost anywhere in a matter of seconds, and read by people who know nothing about me. My only hope is that people who know little about my language and culture won't try to translate it, but who knows, maybe it will be funny to them.