Saturday, April 25, 2009

Knock, Knock

The Bee has recently gotten into telling knock knock jokes he makes up himself. He just thinks all his jokes are hilarious and clever. We get the biggest kick out of listening to these jokes and watching him just laugh his butt off afterwards. His latest goes something like this.

Bee: Knock, knock
Me: Who's there?
Bee: "Dapu"
Me: "Dapu" who?
Bee while giggling and making gesture as if he was throwing something: "Dapu" trow it in du trash!
Bee: hahahahahahahahahahahah
Me: hahahahahahahahahahhahaha

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yosemite Snow Days

We decided to venture into Yosemite this past winter break to give the boys their first taste of snow both figuratively and literally. It is safe to say they have a love-hate relationship with snow. Lucky for them, we don't live in a place that snows, and it is a short 3 and 1/2 hour trip away if they decide they want rekindle their whine for it.

Daddy dug them a snow cave that they enjoyed crawling in. The older boy did not want to work to build it. He would much rather watch and whine about how uncomfortable he was while someone else did all the work. It's nice to see the "happy" pictures post trip because during it you would have thought they would have rather gone home. "Vacationing" with kids can be quite a chore, eh.

My little ground squirrel.

They also built a snow run that they slid/tumbled down many times. In this picture you can see the littlest boy stuffing snow in his face. Thankfully it was not yellow. In his words, "I thirsty mommy."


My spring break is over, but at least I only have about 8 more weeks of work left this year and then I am "off" for the summer. I am looking forward to resuming my full time job as their mother, at least temporarily. Next year, I am happy to say I will be teaching math again which I LOVE! Then again, it is only 6th grade math and not algebra or calculus. That is surely not my idea of fun.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

On Safari

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO! Is anybody out there!?

I have fallen off the blogosphere. I've had little to say. Around and around it goes. It being my life. Besides, I spend so much time at work, I have little else to talk about. Not that work doesn't come with its share of stories. Middle school is filled with plenty of drama, and life or death situations-well, at least according to the kids.

Frankly, they scare me most of the time. I can handle them in the classroom, but outside, where there are little boundaries, I feel like I am in the middle of an African Savanna. Watch out for the stampede, the hyenas, and the flailing monkeys. Are there monkeys in a savanna? Well, there are in mine. Not to mention the lions. You all know who the lions are, right? Most of them scare their teachers, too--especially when they are trying to burn down the school through the incineration of trash cans.

No my school is not in the ghetto. It is in a ridiculously expensive part of the bay area, but the insane are members of all tax brackets.


Maybe I will lighten this blog a bit by throwing some recent pictures of the boys. Recent being February when we took a trip to Yosemite over winter break. They had fun and enjoyed their first experience with snow once they stopped whining about how cold and wet they were.