Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have been more than just a little busy this year. My family grew from 4 to 94, and more if you include the family of teachers I work with to educate 90+ kids. It's crazzzzy!

I fill many roles, and teach many lessons, and at the end of the work day, I must come home throw my crap on the dining room table and go outside and play with my kids and my neighbors kids. Then there is dinner--the cooking, the cleaning, and the forcing it down two little kids throats. Soon after there is bath time, and bed time followed by my nightwatchman job taking kiddies to the bathroom, tucking them into the foot of my bed or under my neck where the littlest yanks and tugs at my hair. Later, I get up, get ready for work, but not before making two cups of chocolate milk and pouring their cereal. I must then start my day all over again, and on a good day, I will be home by four, and not have to grade any papers or plan any lessons in the wee hours of the night before my nightwatchman job begins.

I still love teaching, and I love being with my kids, but this schedule is wearing me out. Thank god for the holidays!


Dear President Elect Obama,

Do you think it would be possible to throw a national holiday of some kind between Labor Day and Veteran's Day, because really, I could have used a break around mid October?

A loyal servant of the state public schools