Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Belated DeLurk

Yes. Yes. I know it was last week, but I tend to be late at most things these days. No, my AF arrived on time thankfully. I know you just needed to know that. I can only go so many years without any sleep ya know. I think I'm going on five years now if you include pregnancy, and the Bee informed me it will be much MUCH longer before he settles into a tolerable sleep schedule. Last night he decided to wake every hour or so. No he's not a newborn. He's 16 months old in fact.

So delurk already. Just say hello, but preferably tell me a bit about yourself. What's your name? Blog? Where did you find out about me?

Come on. Delurk. It would be good for my self-esteem.


Anonymous said...

Well I'll be first to 'delurk.' Although I found my way here because you found your way to me first! :) So thanks for finding me first! Glad to join you over here. :)

1001 Petals said...

I don't remember how I found your blog exactly -- through another blog I think. Maybe a comment or a guest post, something like that?

My name is Athena, I live in Toronto, Canada. .as you know I just had my first child. I'm 30 and married to a sweet British guy. Was a graphic designer for 8 yrs but now am a SAHM. I really feel I'm designed :) for that, rather than working in office environments. I really like reading personal finance and mommy blogs.