Saturday, December 22, 2007

Big Brother's Version of the Food Pyramid

Big Brother is not really adventurous when it comes to eating. When he first started eating solids, one of his favorites was sweet potatoes, beans, carrots, peas, and cheese. These days, he will only eat from the bottom of his personal food pyramid. Ask him what he wants to eat and he will most likely pull some variation from his bread and dairy group. Some call this the "white bread" diet, but I call this the "you're going to die soon if you don't get some real food in ya" diet.

On the menu this month:

Cheese sandwich: bread, cheese, mustard, mayo

Cinnamon toast: bread with cinnamon and brown sugar

Quesadilla: corn tortilla and cheese

Macaroni: more cheese and more starch

Omelet: egg and cheese

Cake: egg, cheese, flour, etc. He turned four this month.

Candy: more of what he calls "the good stuff"

Fishies: cheese fish crackers, no real meat in this one

Tortilla: just a flour tortilla and butter

Pumpkin Bread: a sweet bread made with pumpkin puree

It has been so frustrating feeding him recently because he is even saying no to his old favorites like pizza, bacon, albondigas (turkey meatballs in a tomato broth), carrots and celery in soup, potato anything, beans, rice, oven roasted chicken, cereal, and other kid friendly foods. I am constantly worrying that he is not meeting his nutritional needs especially in the iron department. He will take vitamins, but I don't want him to become dependent on these. I also don't want to have to hide fruits and veggies in some kind of sweet bread all the time. I don't have the time for that with another one roaming around, and actually having to cook real meals for us adult folks.

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