Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bee's Playground Yummies

Bee has not taken very well to table foods. He will eat anything mushy out of a jar, pieces of bread or delicious snack food, and the occasional bowl of rice. He also likes to indulge in eating the many non-edible yummies the playground has to offer. On the menu are ...

Rocks: He likes to eat these by the fistful - literally. Some times he tosses these in buckets and pretends they're some delicious liquid drink. Other times, he just treats them as snack food. I've caught him many times with a mouthful of rocks.

Sand: Bee enjoys eating sand as much as some kids enjoy eating their purple pixie sticks. I guess there's nothing like crunching on some nice salty kitty litter sand.

Domes and poles: These of course must be treated as lollipops.

Random bottle caps: Good to chew on, especially when ones teething.

Littered candy wrappers:
Bee likes to pretend these are gum.

Swings, shovels, other random well-nastified toys: Bee treats these much like a dog treats their beloved dog bone.

Lest you think I'm a poor mother, this kid is quick and an awesome scavenger. Mommy on the other hand is tired, sleepy, and usually trying to watch the elder boy while following the Bee.

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