Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The zombie needs sleep!

I dread nights these days. I know that soon after I put my ten-month-old "Bee" to bed, he will wake up within the hour screaming. This can continue for the rest of the night with him screaming every 1 -3 hours. He prefers every two, though. What exactly he wants I'm not sure. Having him sleep in our bed doesn't work, his crib doesn't work, brother's bed doesn't work. We checked for ear infections, and no quick remedy this time.

This has been going on for months. He was a better sleeper at 2 and 3 months than he is now, and this was during the time he was dealing with his reflux. Maybe we have just failed to teach him to self-sooth, but how can this be accomplished without waking up brother, especially since it took us 3 years to get him to sleep without waking up more than once.

The lack of restful sleep of course, leaves me feeling exhausted. I go through my day in a daze - a zombie. It's hard to do anything in this state. As a mom, I have to be on all the time, but I just can't seem to do it these days, and I don't know how much longer I can deal with not getting any quality sleep. Sometimes my body gives up sleeping in the middle of the night and just stays awake waiting for the next cry - 3 am, 4 am, 5am, 6am, and no sleep, but many cries. My own child is tormenting me.

Bee, why won't you sleep? Mommy needs sleep.

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